Saturday, May 4, 2013

Recruiting Officers

Creative Student Networking Group Details

Club Objective:

To create monthly networking meetings for students from all degree programs with light entertainment at a venue such as Sleeping Moon CafĂ© in Winter Park, Florida. 

Currently Seeking Officers:

Vice President

Currently Seeking Faculty Sponsor:
Faculty at Full Sail willing to host classroom for monthly meeting for officers.

If interested please contact Jessica Henlon <>
Also join this CSNG Officers group on Facebook

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Florida Residents - URGENT - CALL TO ACTION

Keep Film Going in Florida

As you are all most probably aware, the 2013 legislative session is in full swing - budgets have been submitted from the Governor's Office, the House of Representatives and the Senate - none of which include the additional funding for our Film & Entertainment Industry Financial Incentive program that we have been advocating for these past of yet.

While this is by no means good news, it is not yet a "fait accomplis" - there is still much time for us to act and voice our request for additional funds for the Film & Entertainment Industry Financial Incentive program.

We are requesting that concerned members of the film and entertainment production industries take some time between now and Wednesday to email the legislators/public officials listed below:

Executive Branch
Governor Rick Scott
Secretary of Commerce Gray Swoope
House of Representatives
Speaker Will Weatherford
Chairman Ritch Workman
Chairman Jimmy Patronis
Chairman Eddy Gonzalez
Rep. Manny Diaz
Chairman Ed Hooper
President Don Gaetz
Chairman Andy Gardiner
Chair Nancy Detert
Sen. Jack Latvala

Let these legislators/public officials know that you work in the film and entertainment production industry or have benefited from the industry, and tell them what the incentive means to you personally. Thank them for their past support and ask for their support this legislative session for our three (3) key legislative priorities:

  • Additional funding for the remaining fiscal years of program - the tax credits allocated to the program are completely certified and we have now "conditionally" certified close to $40million in potential projects; soon Florida will begin turning away or losing projects due to lack of adequate funding for the program;
  • Adequate funding for the Office of Film & Entertainment so that the  office can continue to properly oversee, administer and market this tremendously successful program;
  • Additional long-term commitment to the program in the form of additional years or no sunset - this will encourage more long-term investment and growth.

Remind these legislators/public officials that our incentive program is performance-based, it's "Florida-centric" and it has been a huge success creating thousands of new jobs for Florida workers, bringing new money to our local communities and spawning financial investment throughout the state.

Most importantly, please remain polite and respectful - these legislators are our most powerful allies. For your convenience, we have created a template letter to legislators - it is posted in our "Advocacy Toolkit" on this site - click the link below to access the letter:

We greatly appreciate your time and assistance with this issue - thank you for your continued support!

SHEENA FOWLER | Orlando Film Commissioner
Metro Orlando Film Commission
A Division of the Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission
301 E. Pine Street, Suite 900 | Orlando, Florida 32801
p 407.422.7159 x262 | c 407.923.3454 | f 407.425.6428

web | facebook | youtube | twitter

Friday, April 19, 2013

Wholehearted Short Film Online Contest

Wholehearted is gaining momentum on the film festival circuit.

The film is currently running in the FirstGlance Short Online Contest. If you've been wanting to see Wholehearted, here is your chance! Good news, part 4: All films are available to view online from now thru May 14th! Entries will receive awards based on votes, so please sign up and/or pass the link along. If you wish to vote for Wholehearted, just fill in your name, email address, create a password, and hit “login or sign up." Then simply click on the “vote” button under the Wholehearted thumbnail. Voting refreshes on a 24-hour basis, so by all means, vote more than once if you are inspired to do so!

Orlando's Artist Directory

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Call for Artists in Central Florida

Exciting news from Orlando Fringe! 

This year Visual Fringe will have its own space in a 13,000 sq ft warehouse on Alden Rd. (near the Fringe office). 

In addition to the usual space at Orlando Shakes, festivities will include a weekend art market, artist-designed indoor putt-putt course, live music, food trucks and more!

Artists who are interested in the putt-putt, installation or street art can contact

Apply at this link 

Visual Fringe Facebook page


Please support @UnitedArts and the cultural community through a gift to the Arts for All Fund: 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Vote for National Anthem Contest

Help a winner to perform at an Orlando Magic game!

"Full Sail University is offering the opportunity for a talented Full Sail musician to perform the national anthem at an Orlando Magic game on April 15. Check out the finalists and vote for your favorite by April 8!"

Contest Link