Monday, March 18, 2013

Extras Needed for Waves of Grace

Want to hang out on the beach and see how a film production works?

(New Smyrna) We are casting a lot of extras/background talent for the feature film, "Waves of Grace"! We need a lot of different types of people! Surfers/Beach Goers Business People Families Coffee Shop Customers People Downtown and many more!!

****ALL AGES!!! ***Extras are Non Paid but Great Networking with a local Crew and Casting!!!********

Please fill out the following form and send it back:

1) Shot Days are April 10-May 10, Monday- Friday. How many Days can you commit and what day works for you better?
2) Can you attend a Casting Call on Saturday March 21? (If you can I will give you a call time and you will not have to wait in an open call line)
3) This would be a shoot to come hang out at the Beach and bring a few Friends. So if you have more than one of you please let me know and the days that work good for you!!! As Well as will mom and dad want to work too as an extra (if your a minor)
4) Send a Current Snap Shot of everyone who will work with you.
5) Your contact number
6) Email Address, can't wait to work with you on Set!! Subject Line: Waves of Grace