Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Attention Full Sail University students!!

Giving you a peek into what's in store for this group!

Attn Full Sail University students!

I'm working on getting us out to SXSW Festival next year. I'll continue to work with this group as an Alumni but I am looking for a President to replace me in 6 months and other Officer members. Check out this quote from a FS faculty member who is helping me organize this.

"Usually they open up their internships to Full Sail students one week before they open them up to the outside world. BUT they also have a lot of need for volunteers. ( approx 2,500)"


  1. Hi Jessica!

    My name is Jonathan, I am studying Music Production at FullSail Online. So far I am doing very well for myself in the first couple months and hope to keep up the stride. I would be very interested in being able to work SXSW and any other possible events that are music related. I currently live in NY but I have always wished to play or have the money to attend SXSW.

    My email is if you wish to share any more knowledge or even get to know me.

    best of luck
    jonathan pikarsky

  2. Hey Jonathan!

    Thanks for the comment and reaching out. We're building a team of people for the travel planning for next year. First we need members because with a group of committed people who want to volunteer/intern at SXSW in the future, I have the ability to get us perks. We're Full Sail students/Alumni and that means something important to the Entertainment industry. There are 2 kinds of Full Sail students, those who do the network and become content creators and those who do not.

    Like a wise man once said, successful people are willing to do things that unsuccessful people are not. I'm working to get our meetings/mixers to stream live online for the online students. If you'd like to help out our promotional needs for online students, please email me at and I'll be emailing you a follow up soon.

    Thank you,

    Jessica Northey

  3. my email accept to full sail send.