Monday, February 18, 2013

Full Sail Students Wanted for Documentary

Are you passionate about film? Have you wanted to be part of a documentary that is the first of its kind in its chosen subject? Do you want to put your skills to work and have something amazing to put on your resume that you can actually show people when you are talking to them about jobs? Well I am a graduate of Full Sail and I am looking for individuals who want to get some exposure by contributing on a documentary film being made over the next 6-9 months. This is an exciting first of in its subject field project that is already garnering a ton of interest. Working on this project has the ability to put a full-length documentary on your resume and potentially get you a ton of exposure. Being a grad of Full Sail I wanted to use the network we have of creative talent to make this film and to provide others from the school the ability to be part of something exciting because I know the talent level at the school and I want to help others get some exposure.
Secondly along with the documentary we are creating an online magazine dedicated to the very same topic being covered in the film. For this we are looking for a small army of content contributors. The exposure from this project will be more immediate as the articles and content created will go live faster and on a more regular basis. This project has already generated some partnerships with other organizations and will involve writing reviews, creating digital content, and some design aspects as well. This project will also be something you can use on your resume, be proud of, and get you working within the field. Furthermore it has the opportunity to become a paid position as the magazine gains traction and brings in advertising dollars.
I think it’s important to let everyone know these are labors of love for myself and the other people involved. I am reaching out to the Full Sail creative community because, as I mentioned, I know the talent level that exists out there and want to help others build their resume and get some much needed exposure (which can sometimes be hard to come by). So please folks if you are interested let me know and we can discuss the projects further via email. Thanks everyone!
John Ziegler

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