Friday, September 14, 2012

Open Mic Night – Networking Session

Do you live in Central Florida, a college student, and enjoy doing live performances? If yes, send me an email at for more details. For artists, welcoming all genres for singers, musicians, poets, and comedians. Arrive at 6pm to get on the lineup. Future bookings available from this showcase. Streaming live online, invite your fans!

And if you're a creative type, college student, and enjoy networking... then we hope to see you for our event on Sept 30th! is now sponsoring our networking events! Also food and beverage discounts for purchases over $5. Hope to see you there! Invite your friends!

**Update Photos are Up**

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  1. How can I get more information about this? I want to perform.

  2. Hey William, thanks for reaching out. We're starting to create the lineup at 6pm and it's based on first come first serve. If you arrive by 7pm it will be too late because that's when we'll start the performances and networking event. It lasts until 9pm. Everyone gets to perform 2-3 songs/acts.