Sunday, September 9, 2012

Video Streaming Live Performances

Last month we were able to record a live performance of Carly Jo Jackson. We're a new group and learning by doing has given us much experience. There are two main issues I have learned about, the first being that the sound levels were too high and has distorted the sound quality. The second thing I learned was the importance of recording the audience just as much as the performer. The Sleeping Moon Cafe was packed and the crowd loved Carly Jo. The audience at home would love to see the entire venue to feel a part of the experience.

You can watch the video recorded live here.

In researching how musicians are using Google+ Hangout to interact with their audience, I came across an article that talked about Google's new toy called Google+ Hangouts Studio Mode. Read the full article here. Moving forward, the Creative Student Networking group will be using Google+ Hangout to stream live performances. We'll have the audience at home and at the cafe join in. The audience can interact online and in person.

~ Jessica Northey, President

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